Strawberry Cough Hemp Flower Covered with CBD

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Strawberry Cough Hemp Flower Covered with CBD:

65% Flower

35% CBD Isolate

Comes in 4 Sizes:

1/8 Ounce: 3.5 Grams: 1.55 Grams Total CBD

1/4 Ounce: 7 Grams: 3.1 Grams Total CBD

1/2 Ounce: 14 Grams: 6.2 Grams Total CBD

1 Ounce: 28 Grams: 12.4 Grams Total CBD

Contains Very Little THC

All Hemp Flower comes in Premium Glass Jars for all 4 different Sizes:

These CBD Covered Hemp Flowers do not have enough THC to get you high, but the CBD in them will have a calming effect and is for many medicinal uses:

You get the medical benefits from Our CBD Covered Hemp Flower, without the high from THC:


Strawberry Cough Hemp: A Flavorful Journey Beyond The Stars

The realm of hemp and CBD has witnessed many novelties, but few match the allure and effectiveness of the Strawberry Cough Hemp. Crafted with precision, this strain embodies a cosmic blend of delightful taste and therapeutic power. Out of This World CBD introduces a hemp experience so ethereal that you'll truly believe the magic lies beyond the stars.

As you unravel the Cbd Enriched Hemp Extract, the first thing you'll notice is its sublime aroma - a fragrant mix of freshly picked strawberries with a hint of earthy undertones. It's no wonder it bears the moniker "Strawberry Cough"; the tantalizing scent makes you yearn for a taste, and the flavor doesn't disappoint either.

Now, while Strawberry Cough Hemp holds its own in the CBD world, Out of This World CBD ensures an array of strains that cater to every aficionado's palate. For those looking for a more tropical, bubbly sensation, the Cannabis Strain Mimosa might just be your next favorite. It carries an effervescent tang of citrus fruits, reminiscent of a refreshing morning beverage.

Yet, perhaps you're yearning for a throwback to your Saturday mornings, a time of animated tales and sugary cereals. The Fruit Loop Weed Strain might be the nostalgic journey you seek. This strain offers a colorful burst of flavors, intertwining sweet and fruity notes that will remind you of your favorite childhood breakfast.

However, for those who seek a celestial journey, look no further than the Shooting Stars Strain. Inspired by the mysteries of the cosmos, this strain boasts a unique profile that can only be described as otherworldly. A deep dive into its complexities will leave you starry-eyed and eager for another voyage.

All of these strains, including the Strawberry Cough Hemp, come with the trusted quality assurance from Out of This World CBD. Our commitment to quality is unparalleled, ensuring that each strain is cultivated with care, devoid of harmful pesticides, and enriched with the therapeutic benefits of CBD.

In Essence, Choosing Strawberry Cough Hemp Is More Than Just Selecting A Strain; 

It's embracing an experience. It's about delving into a world of flavor, where each inhale transports you to lush strawberry fields and each exhale leaves a trail of relaxation and calm.

Whether you're a seasoned hemp enthusiast or someone embarking on their first CBD journey, Out of This World CBD promises a ride that's both delightful and beneficial. With Strawberry Cough Hemp and its esteemed companions, you're not just choosing a product; you're choosing a galaxy of unparalleled experiences.

So, come aboard this stellar journey, where flavor meets wellness, and discover why Out of This World CBD truly lives up to its name. Your next adventure awaits.