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CBD Pre Rolls: A Cosmic Cruise to Serenity

Journey through the stars, not aboard a spacecraft, but with the ethereal essence of "Out of This World CBD Pre Rolls." Discover a galaxy of flavors, each pre roll handcrafted to transport you to celestial realms of relaxation and rejuvenation.

Why Venture into the Universe with Our CBD Pre Rolls?

Starry Selection: Dive into a constellation of choices, each echoing the wonders of the universe:

  • Shooting Stars Cigarettes: Experience a meteor shower of calmness, specially crafted for those who desire a traditional vibe with a modern CBD twist.

  • Sour Apple Killer Pre Rolls: A tantalizing tartness, perfect for those who wish to escape Earth's gravity and float amidst apple orchards in the sky.

  • Strawberry Cough Pre Roll: Bask in the strawberry fields of the cosmos, an exquisite blend promising a sweet serenity with every puff.

  • Mimosa Pre Roll: A toast to relaxation! Celebrate the universe's wonders with a blend that's as effervescent as the morning sun.

  • Froot Loops Pre Roll: Dive into a galactic rainbow, a spectrum of flavors that promises a nostalgic trip to childhood mornings and cosmic calmness.

Cosmic Craftsmanship: Each pre roll is an artisanal masterpiece. Expertly rolled, finely ground, and infused with the purest CBD, ensuring your voyage through the stars is smooth and surreal.

Galactic Goodness: Our hemp is ethically sourced, grown with eco-friendly practices, ensuring our pre rolls aren't just an escape for you, but also a tribute to our precious blue planet.


  • Stellar Safety: We prioritize your journey's safety. Each batch undergoes rigorous lab testing, ensuring you're embarking on a celestial cruise free from impurities and rich in CBD goodness.

  • Interstellar Instantaneity: No grinding. No rolling. Just light up and lift-off! Our pre rolls are designed for instant relaxation, perfect for both seasoned astronauts and space novices.

  • Universal Uniqueness: Each pre roll is distinct, offering a unique flavor profile, aroma, and CBD experience. Chart your own course, or hop from one celestial body to another, exploring the vastness of our offerings.


In the vast CBD galaxy, "Out of This World CBD Pre Rolls" shine the brightest. They're more than just a smoke; they're a stellar experience, an astral journey, a cosmic escape from Earthly stresses. Every puff is a step into the unknown, a foray into the fantastic, a dance with the divine.

With Out of This World CBD, every pre roll is a rocket, every puff a new planet, every moment a mesmerizing meteor shower. Join us, as we explore the universe, one pre roll at a time.