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"Unlock a moment of calm in the chaos of life, as CBD oil offers relaxation for body and mind."

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"Chew on relaxation with CBD gummies, combining flavor and calm for a blissful experience."


About Us

Out of This World CBD is all about providing you with high strength, quality ingredients, and very affordable products in Isolate or Full Spectrum form! We have some of the cheapest CBD products on the internet, yet includes the best ingredients and care put into making your edibles or other products. If you don't believe me, check any other site on the internet and see that the prices for other stores are 100%, 200%, 300%, or more expensive than Out of This World CBD.


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Our CBD (Cannabidiol) products are all made from pure CBD or Full Spectrum CBD. This means that we get all our cannabinoids from the hemp plant, assuring that the maximum THC percentage is 0.3% by weight. This is the legal limit in which any percentage above 0.3% is considered Marijuana. Marijuana is still illegal on the federal level, while Hemp has been legalized for sale and consumption from the 2018 Farm Bill. Hemp will not get you high, but will still have the benefits of all the other cannabiniods for many uses. 


We provide all our products in both CBD Isolate and CBD Full Spectrum options. The CBD Isolate is a bit cheaper but I recommend the Full Spectrum since all the cannabinoids work very well together. You will certainly get relief from the CBD Isolate products, But I recommend the Full Spectrum products because they are even more beneficial. With either products, you will certainly get benefits, but Full Spectrum is much more natural.


Our CBD infused gummies and chocolate have medium to massive doses that I guarnatee will be enough! Whether you are just trying CBD for the first time, or you take it every day, you will find that we have the dosage for anyone. Even if you buy a 2,000 mg CBD chocolate bar, you can take 25 mg for a dose. These massive doses allow you to get more for what you payed for in smaller packages. You will find that our products are of the cheapest on the entire internet, keeping you happy, and giving us business! If you try our products, please spread the word and help people feel "Out of This World!"