Sour Apple Added CBD Hemp Joints

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1.5 Gram MEGA CBD Added Sour Apple Hemp Joints!

1.2 Grams of Flower

300 MG of Added 99% CBD Isolate!

510 MG of Total CBD per Joint: MEGA Dosage!


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Every single Joint comes with a black tube holder for your joints.  

If you buy the 5 or 10 packs, you will get 5 or 10 tubes!

These tubes are great for using our products and for use after you are done with our Joints.

You can easily carry them around without worrying about the Joint getting damaged.


Sour Apple Killer Pre Rolls: A Sensation Beyond the Stars

Step into a realm where flavor and quality intersect, introducing the Sour Apple Killer Pre Rolls. Crafted by the experts at Out of This World CBD, this product promises an experience as unique as its name. Our commitment to excellence shines brightly, and these pre rolls are the epitome of our craftsmanship.

When you light one up, expect the vibrant notes of sour apple to dance on your palate. But the flavor isn't the only superstar here. Sourced from premium hemp, every pre roll promises a consistent and smooth draw, offering users a relaxing journey from start to finish.

For those who crave variety in their CBD experience, Out of This World CBD offers an expansive range. For instance, the Shooting Stars Cigarettes burst with a flavor and feeling that's truly celestial. Or dive into the rich tones of our Pre Rolls Strawberry Cough, a classic favorite among enthusiasts.

Are you a connoisseur looking for something fresh and vibrant? 

The Mimosa Joints serve as a bubbly and bright addition to our lineup, offering a zest that's hard to match. And for those who prefer a trip down nostalgia lane, our Froot Pre Rolls captivate the senses with a fruity twist reminiscent of your favorite childhood cereals.

Beyond our flavorful pre rolls, Out of This World CBD is proud to present our Hemp CBD Cigarettes. Meticulously crafted, they are perfect for those seeking a traditional smoking experience fused with the unparalleled benefits of CBD.

Every product under our brand is a result of rigorous research and passionate production. We understand the diverse needs of our customers and strive to offer only the best. When you choose Out of This World CBD, you're not just selecting a product; you're embracing a lifestyle of quality, flavor, and unwavering standards.

Join us in this celestial journey and discover what makes our Sour Apple Killer Pre Rolls and other products genuinely out of this world. The universe of exceptional CBD experiences awaits you. Step in and let the stars guide your senses.