Shooting Stars Hemp Flower Covered with CBD

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Shooting Stars Hemp Flower Covered with CBD:

65% Flower

35% CBD Isolate

Comes in 4 Sizes:

1/8 Ounce: 3.5 Grams: 1.45 Grams Total CBD

1/4 Ounce: 7 Grams: 2.9 Grams Total CBD

1/2 Ounce: 14 Grams: 5.8 Grams Total CBD

1 Ounce: 28 Grams: 11.6 Grams Total CBD

Contains Very Little THC

All Hemp Flower comes in Premium Glass Jars for all 4 different Sizes:

These CBD Covered Hemp Flowers do not have enough THC to get you high, but the CBD in them will have a calming effect and is for many medicinal uses:

You get the medical benefits from Our CBD Covered Hemp Flower, without the high from THC:


Shooting Star Strain: The Celestial Experience

When you're seeking a premium hemp experience, not just any strain will do. You need something extraordinary, a strain that goes beyond the ordinary and shoots straight to the stars. Enter the "Shooting Star Strain" – a galactic journey wrapped in the guise of hemp.

At Out of This World CBD, we pride ourselves on curating products that don't just meet industry standards but surpass them. The shooting star strain is a testament to our commitment, shining brighter than its counterparts in the market.

The story of this strain begins with its origins. Crafted meticulously by experts who understand the art and science of hemp cultivation, the Shooting Star offers a symphony of flavors and effects that are, truly, out of this world. But what makes this strain so special?

Richness in CBD: The shooting star strain is enriched with a robust CBD profile. Much like our CBD Enriched Hemp Oil, this strain promises purity and potency, ensuring you get the very best from every puff or pull.

Flavor Profile: Amidst the galaxy of flavors available in the hemp world, the Shooting Star stands out, thanks to its unique notes. The richness is reminiscent of our Strawberry Cough Hemp Flower, with hints of sweet berries but with an added depth and complexity that sets it apart.

Diverse Terpene Profile: Just as the universe is vast and varied, so is the terpene profile of the Shooting Star strain. This wide spectrum ensures that users experience a range of effects, making it versatile and suited for various needs and moods.

Complementary Strains: While the Shooting Star strain is in a league of its own, it pairs exceptionally well with other strains. For those looking for a fruity kick, combining it with our Fruity Loops Strain is a match made in the cosmos. Alternatively, for users wanting a more rounded, earthy undertone, the Mimosa Cannabis Strain complements it perfectly, creating a harmonious blend of flavors.

A Commitment to Quality: At Out of This World CBD, quality isn't a mere buzzword – it's a pledge. Every product, including the Shooting Star strain, undergoes rigorous checks and balances to ensure that what you get is pure, potent, and free from any contaminants.

In a universe of options, the Shooting Star strain promises an experience that's not just stellar but also celestial. Its robust CBD profile, combined with a flavor palette that's unparalleled, ensures that it's not just another strain in the market, but a star that truly shines bright.

So, whether you're a seasoned hemp enthusiast or a novice looking to explore the wonders of CBD, the Shooting Star strain from Out of This World CBD is your ticket to a galactic journey like no other. Light it up, take a puff, and let yourself be transported to the stars and beyond.