Fruity Pebble Treats 200 mg THC

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Premium Delta 9 Infused Fruity Pebble Treats:

200 mg THC per Bar!

Medium amount of THC per Bar

Take about 5% to 10% of a bar for a nice starter dose or a larger amount if needed!

78.5 grams per Bar.

320 Calories Per Fruity Pebble Treat Bar.

Our 200 mg THC Fruity Pebble Treats are great for a beginner or a middle of the road Cannabis User! We put just under the legal amount of THC allowed in our THC Edibles so you get the best experience you can!

Not only are our THC edibles legal around almost the entire United States of America, but they are also powerful enough to last you quite a few sessions! When you try our THC Chocolates or other edibles, they will leave you feeling “Out of This World” and lift you for hours!